modern mandala mehndi design

This mehndi design covers two hands with detailed patterns that look the same on both. In the middle of the palm, there's a circle design that starts with a dot and has more dots around it. As you look further out from the middle, there are more circles with petal shapes and dots. These circles end with a big petal design. Near the wrist, there's a thick line with a pattern that looks like half-circles, surrounded by two thinner lines; one has dots and the other has a zigzag pattern. The fingers have their own designs, starting with dark tips. They have diamond shapes, flower patterns, and end with a design that looks like an eye or leaf. The thumb has circles with lines, dots, and petal designs. All of this is shown on a soft white background, making the brown mehndi stand out. The whole design mixes simple shapes and flower designs, showing off a traditional and artistic look.

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