mehndi design mandala

This mehndi design showcases an array of intricate patterns that come together harmoniously. This mehndi design is both pretty and detailed. The center of the palm has a big circle with a spiral design inside. Around this big circle, there are lots of smaller circles, like a pattern.This central mandala is encircled by a series of smaller circles, creating a ripple effect. Moving up to the wrist, there's a broad band with many different patterns that look like boxes and triangles, decorative band filled with various geometric patterns, including triangle-filled squares and bordered rectangles. This band looks like a bracelet. Each finger has its own design that looks like little towers, with each one having the same pattern that matches. The fingers also have darkened tips. The mehndi is dark brown, which stands out against the light background. Overall, the design feels balanced and looks like it was done with a lot of care and skill. It's traditional but has a modern touch to it.

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