bridal mandala mehndi design

This mehndi design is a captivating blend of intricacy and elegance, gracing the hands with a beautiful play of patterns and symmetry. The main design on each hand is a detailed mandala. It starts with a floral center and expands outwards with circles featuring petals and dots. As it grows, it includes various patterns like small flowers and fronds. The outer edge has flame-like designs, creating a sunburst look. The fingers have unique designs that complement each other. They start with a crescent shape at the tips, followed by a spiral pattern with petal and leaf details. Near the knuckles, there's a net-like design that connects smoothly to the main mandala. The design continues beyond the mandala, transitioning gracefully towards the wrist. It culminates in a detailed band that wraps around the wrist, presenting a bracelet-like appearance. The wristband is characterized by repeating patterns, reminiscent of traditional henna art, interspersed with tiny floral motifs, which provide a delicate finish to the overall design.The area between the mandala and the fingers has added leaf-like designs that flow from the fingers to the center, connecting everything smoothly.

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