mandala mehndi design simple

This captivating mandala mehndi design exudes elegance and precision. The central motif of the design is a detailed mandala located on the back of the hand. Starting from the center, there's a prominent circle surrounded by delicate petal-like patterns. Moving outward, these petals are encased within concentric circles adorned with progressively detailed patterns. Each concentric layer introduces new patterns, increasing in complexity as it extends outwards. The outermost ring of the mandala features a series of larger, intricately designed petal motifs that appear to gently curve, providing a dynamic look to the overall mandala. Each finger, excluding the thumb, is graced with a floral motif situated at the base. This floral motif consists of a central dot surrounded by smaller petal patterns, resembling a mini sunflower or daisy. The design on the fingers is minimalistic compared to the central mandala, allowing for a balanced contrast. Flowing from the central mandala, there are vine-like patterns that gracefully stretch and curve towards the fingers. These vines are interspersed with small floral designs and leaves, adding a sense of continuity between the main mandala and the finger motifs. The design has a harmonious blend of intricate details within the central mandala and simpler, delicate motifs on the fingers.The use of varying patterns, from circles to petals and vines, offers visual interest, making it a captivating piece of art. Leaving some parts of the hand blank makes the design stand out more. This design beautifully combines traditional mandala patterns with a modern look.

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