simple mandala mehndi design

This mehndi design is both intricate and elegant, showcasing a combination of traditional motifs with contemporary patterns. The design's main feature is a detailed circle pattern on the back of the hand. It starts with a flower in the center and has different layers of designs moving outwards. There are petal shapes near the center and a lace-like border with small flower details on the outer edge. A thin chain design goes from the bottom of the circle pattern to the wrist, linking the main design to the wrist decoration. Each finger has different designs. There's a decorative band at the bottom, a chain of beads in the middle, and a crown-like design on top. The wrist area is not heavily decorated, allowing the central design to remain the focal point. However, a hint of design can be seen, which looks like the beginning or end of a bracelet, complementing the watch worn on the wrist. The design's beauty is enhanced by the strategic empty spaces, which provide contrast and make the mehndi patterns stand out. The choice of patterns and the placement gives the hand a balanced and harmonious look. The design mixes detailed patterns with open areas, giving a classic and elegant look.

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