simple tikki mehndi design

This tikki mehndi design is absolutely breathtaking. The most eye-catching part is the big, round design on the middle of the palm, which is the tikki. It's filled with many small, detailed patterns inside, making it look like a beautiful sun or a decorative shield. The beauty doesn’t stop there. Each finger has its own unique design, with the fingers looking like they're covered in little lace gloves. The patterns on the fingers are symmetrical, giving them a neat and tidy look. Each finger is topped off with a darkly shaded tip, matching the deep shade of the nails. There are dangling patterns below the tikki that almost look like little pieces of jewelry, adding a touch of elegance. This mehndi design looks traditional yet stylish and would be perfect for festive occasions or special events. The detail is just incredible, making the hands look so elegant and pretty.

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