mehndi tikki design

This mehndi design is simply stunning. In the center of the palm, you'll see a prominent tikki. It's a big circle filled with intricate patterns. The tikki is surrounded by small circles and petal designs that seem to radiate outward, creating the look of a sunflower or a fancy wheel. Moving up to the wrist, there's a series of beautiful bands, each with its own design. One band is filled with cute little half-moon patterns, while the other has these flowery designs. It's like wearing a bunch of bracelets made of mehndi! Now, let's talk about the fingers. Each finger has a rich design on its tip that looks like the end of a royal scepter or an ornate crown. The thumb stands out with its own ring-like pattern. The whole design is so elegant and has a classic vibe to it. It's the kind of mehndi that would make anyone's hand look like it belongs to royalty. It's a beautiful mix of tradition and artistic vibe. Just lovely!

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