mehndi tikka design

In the middle of the palm, there's a beautiful mehndi design that has your attention instantly. In the center, there's a dark circle looking like a black hole, and around it, there's a series of decorative patterns that give the feel of a sunburst or like a galaxy full of planets and meteors. It's like a piece of art. Surrounding this center are curved lines, almost like sun rays, with tiny circles at their tips. These lines are bordered with a leafy pattern, making the design look both intricate and natural. On the outermost circle, you'll notice small, delicate leaf-like motifs that seem to dance around the hand, adding an extra touch of elegance. The entire design is symmetrical and beautifully balanced. It gives off a vibe of tradition blended with a touch of modern artistry. Anyone looking at it would surely stop and admire the craftsmanship and beauty it adds to the hand. It's simply lovely.

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