mehndi design gol tikki

This design is very attractive as you can see the central mandala-like tikki design which looks like a beautiful umbrella with lots of flowery patterns and dots with the touch of jewellery like design. At its core, this design is organized around a central point within a circular shape. It features radial symmetry, with patterns and shapes radiating outward from the center, creating a balanced and harmonious composition. This design in the centre represent the universe, wholeness, and the idea of life's cyclical nature, including birth, growth, death, and rebirth. They also symbolize spiritual enlightenment, meditation, and the journey inward to one's true self. This looks highly intricate and detailed, while on the fingers looks more simple and straightforward. The design is incorporating motifs from nature, like flowers, celestial bodies, or be purely abstract. It is a form of artistic expression.

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