gol tikki mehndi design 2022

This mehndi design is a stunning fusion of two rich artistic traditions, blending the cultural significance of mehendi with the timeless beauty of mandala patterns. This designs is characterized by a central focal point, often a circle, from which symmetrical patterns and shapes are radiating outward. The patterns are meticulously and precisely arranged, creating a sense of harmony and balance.The central circle and surrounding geometric or floral patterns are typically applied on the hands, feet, or other body parts, depending on personal preference and the occasion. The result is a design that celebrates unity, spirituality, and the aesthetic appeal of intricate artistry, making it a cherished choice for special occasions and celebrations. The wrist area has Bangles-like designs with lines and dots,ending with flowery patterns. All the five fingers are design with checkered design which looks a net gloves and ending with V-shaped leafy design. On the finger tips are the cap-like henna design.

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