gol tikki mehndi design back hand

This mehndi design is spacious yet looks full because of the detailed design in the specific area. Starting with the wrist area where the circular tikki is made with Dahlia-like design and the ending of the circle is with pointed designs looking like a cactus shield yet so pretty looking mehndi. And look at the fingers, lined designs using the same pointed designs and it was made in the middle of the finger, which didn'tcover the full finger due to it's incomplete look,it looks even more prettier and spacious yet so attractive and the colour is adding more beauty to this design. This Mandala mehendi is a popular choice for brides and special occasions. It is often used for weddings, festivals, and celebrations where the intricacy of the design reflects the significance of the event. Brides may have mandala mehendi applied to their hands and feet to symbolize the wholeness and unity of their new life. Artists may incorporate personal or modern elements into the designs, adding a unique twist to the traditional art form. Go for this design in order to make your hands for an eye catchy appearance in your festive attire.

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