mehndi tikka design

A circular Mandala-like gol tikki mehndi design with flower patterns in the center and a circle ending with a small flowery boundary is a captivating and intricate mehndi design that combines the beauty of floral motifs with the symmetry of a circular arrangement. At the heart of this design, there's a central circular motif featuring intricate flower patterns. This central circle serves as the focal point of the design and is typically well-defined and precise. It symbolizes unity, completeness, and the cyclical nature of life. Within the central circle, delicate and beautifully detailed flowers come to life. These flowers can include various types, such as roses, lotuses, or other floral elements. Each flower is meticulously adorned with petals, leaves, and intricate swirls, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The floral patterns not only symbolize the beauty of nature but also represent growth, beauty, and the ephemeral nature of life.  As the circular design spreads out, it gracefully finishes with a small flowery border. This border consists of tiny flowers, like little blossoms or buds, adding a charming and final touch to the whole design. In addition to the flowers, the design is enriched with intricate details like dots, fine lines, and small vines. In the fingers the design is very intricate and very attractive due to it's ethnicity of the design plus the pattern is very detailed one, mixture of flowers, leaves and and small mandala designs. 

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