gol tikki mehndi design back hand

In this design these two hands that have been beautifully decorated with a deep reddish-brown henna. The patterns on the hands are detailed and are made up of many traditional designs that fit together nicely. In the middle of each hand, there's a big round shape surrounded by patterns that look like flower petals. This round shape stands out and looks very special. Around this main design, there are more patterns that look like flowers and the shape called paisley. These patterns go from the center of the hand and reach towards the wrist area. On the fingers, there are lines and designs that look like someone is wearing many bracelets, one on top of the other. Between these bracelet-like designs, there are tiny patterns that make the design even more detailed. The nails of the fingers are painted with a bright red color which stands out against the brown henna. This red color adds a nice touch to the whole look. Overall, the hands look very pretty and the design reminds us of traditional art and culture. Go for this design if you like heavy patterns with cicular designs.

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