mehndi design gol tikki

This one is a really detailed henna design. In the middle, there's a shiny, round shape that looks a bit like a special stamp or coin. Around this, there are several circle patterns with lots of designs inside. Right next to the shiny middle part, there's a circle with petal shapes that have little dots and curly lines inside, making them look pretty and detailed. After this circle, there's another one made up of small round designs that are all spaced out evenly. These small rounds also have tiny flower designs and groups of dots to make them stand out more. The last circle on the outside has shapes that look like curly cues or twists, with more dots in between them. The henna color is dark and stands out against the light color of the hand. Even though there's some design in the background, the main thing you notice is the hand and the henna because it looks so detailed and carefully done. This design has many dots which makes it look like a mandala art, beautiful yet attractive.

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