mandala mehndi design

This mehendi design exhibits a bold and symmetrical style, predominantly centered on the palm. At the heart of the palm is a striking circular motif that immediately catches the eye. This central mandala is intricate, characterized by layered concentric circles filled with detailed patterns. The innermost circle is dense with a dot-filled design, followed by petal-like shapes radiating outward. Each subsequent layer alternates between floral and geometric details, creating a sense of depth and visual interest. Surrounding the central mandala are a series of elongated leaf-like motifs that further accentuate the design. These leaves are uniformly spaced, fanning out in a sunburst pattern, which adds to the overall symmetry of the design. Moving to the fingers, each one showcases a unique design that, despite their individuality, complements the central motif. The base of each finger has a series of cylindrical bands, adorned with a combination of linear and dotted patterns. Above these bands, there's a repeated design that resembles a blooming bud, flanked by smaller leaf patterns.The tips of the fingers are capped with a consistent, dark henna application, lending a cohesive finish to the design. The mehendi displays a harmonious balance between bold, filled patterns and delicate detailing, exuding both elegance and tradition.

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