Bridal White Henna Two hands design

The design resembles delicate lace gloves in the back of her hands showcases a grand design of diamond shapes, filled with swirling patterns and dotted with numerous small, sparkly gems, giving a jewelry-like appearance. The whole look gives off a luxurious and ornate vibe, fitting for a special occasion like a wedding.    

Simple Bridal back hand white henna mehndi

This white henna design looks like delicate lace covering the fingers and back of the hands. Each finger has detailed patterns, and the back of each hand has a big heart-like shape with more patterns inside.    

White lace henna mehndi with sparkly fingertips

These hands have a really fancy white design, kinda like the delicate lace you see on wedding dresses. You can spot some flower patterns on the back of the hands and cool details all over the fingers. Plus, the nails? They've got this shiny, glittery thing going on. Totally looks like something someone would rock at a big celebration or a wedding. If I had to guess, it's the sort of design that turns heads and gets a bunch of compliments. Pretty stylish, if you ask me!

Elegant Paisley Designed Lace White Mehndi

These hands have a design that's a blend of lace and traditional henna. The main part is the teardrop shape on the back of the hands, with mesh and flower details. The fingers have lace patterns, and the shiny nails complement the white henna design. This design mixes old and new styles, perfect for special occasions like weddings. It's fancy and eye-catching.    

Butterfly designed white henna mehndi

The hand has a shiny henna design that looks like a butterfly on the back and detailed patterns on the fingers. The nails are sparkly too. It's elegant and modern.

One-sided full floral white mehndi

This mehndi design is one-sided full flower designed attached to each other and the other side of the hands seems a bit empty which gives off a really attractive and glamorous look.

Symmetrical motif mehndi design

Symmetrical pattern that combines floral motifs, paisleys, and geometric elements. The fingers feature elegant, lace-like patterns, each with repetitive floral designs extending down to the tips. Adding to the charm, the wearer has a sparkling ring on one of the fingers, complementing the overall elegance of the design. The white hue of the henna offers a refreshing contrast against the skin, making it appear delicate and sophisticated. This design has a sense of modern elegance while retaining traditional henna motifs.

Simple single mid hand backside mehndi design

This white henna design on the back of the hand has a big leafy pattern surrounded by smaller flowery shapes. The fingers have simple chain-like designs running down them, with tiny circles and loops added for detail. It's a pretty mix of leaf and flower patterns that gives the hand a decorative look.

Simple hanging leaf pattern mehndi design

This design shows leafs hanging from the tip of the finger to the wrist area, if you are into leafy designs then you must try this simple leafy design which looks simply stunning with the white henna.

Glittery silver and gold mix white mehndi

This shimmering design kinda reminds you of sparkly jewelry. There are twisty patterns everywhere, and it's like someone sprinkled a bunch of tiny, shiny stones on them. The tips of the fingers are dipped in gold, making them look extra fancy. Overall, it looks like these hands are all dressed up for some big celebration or fancy do. This design will look good in the hands of newly wedded women.

Sparkly white henna mehndi design

Check out these hands! They've got a really stylish henna design on them. You can see the old-school patterns, like swirls and those droplet shapes, but they've added some modern touches with gold highlights and little sparkly gems. Even the nails are painted in a chilled-out natural shade that matches the henna perfectly. And with that glittery background? The whole vibe screams party-ready, blending the classic with a trendy twist. Perfect for any big celebration!

Down lace and fingertips white mehndi design

These hands are decorated with white henna that looks like elegant lace. The patterns are filled with swirly designs and shapes that resemble feathers. The fingertips also have these cool designs. The white henna really pops against the soft pink nails. It's a unique twist on the usual henna, giving off a modern vibe.

Flowers and Leaf white mehndi design

This white henna design that looks really fancy. There are flower designs mixed with swirly patterns and leaf shapes all over the hands. Some parts look like lace, and there are small shiny stones added to make it sparkle more. The design is the same on both hands, so they match perfectly. The nails have some decorations too. It's like a mix of old-school patterns but in a new white color, great for today's parties or events.

Wrists and fingers simple V shaped white mehndi design

This white henna design that looks clean and neat. The patterns have lines, dots, and some flower-like shapes. The design is more on the wrists and fingers, leaving some spaces empty. It's a simple and elegant style, great for someone who wants a modern touch. Two V shaped filled white temple designs.